AsperDames Logo - Artwork by Yvonne Moore
AsperDames Logo – The Victorian lace up boot represents our ages. Artwork by Yvonne Moore

AsperDames is a support group for autistic women/nonbinary born before 1975, with either formal (DSM-IV or later) diagnosis or self-diagnosis. Many groups accept parents and younger autistic folk, but before 2016 there were few supportive environments for un-, mis- and/or late-diagnosed women and nonbinary persons.

As older women, we are learners, some mentors, some advocates, all with valuable lived experience. In this group we can dare to drop our masks and learn to be more authentic spectrum elder sisters. We encourage each other as we grow older together, as well as offer advice on how to live well.

Areas of interest and concern may include: housing; (self-)employment; relationships; aging; sensory challenges; retirement planning; disability in society and in law; mental and/or physical wellbeing. Divisive topics such as vaccine safety and ‘treatments’ will be curtailed.

This is a Private group: conversations here are confidential. If you want to repost an article, go to the outside (original) source and share it from there. In addition, no one should be quoted or named without their express consent, even anonymously. If you need to review our Rules, do a Search on ‘Rules’ — There aren’t many, and are just basic courtesy.

We do welcome respectful debate and encourage a spirit of collaboration.

Please note that AsperDames is a closed group and as such when you attempt to join the Facebook group, there is a questionnaire that we ask you to complete.

It is not available correctly if you use a mobile device to log in. So, we ask that whenever possible you apply using a computer and not a phone or tablet.

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